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Burkini femme bleu

Swimming in a dress or an XL t-shirt? No thanks. Make way for the burkini!

Gone are the days when you had to wear unsuitable swimwear and improvised outfits to go swimming. Sports leggings, XL t-shirts, long dresses or scarves will stay in the closet. Opt for a sexy burkini , a modern burkini or a swim jilbeb!

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Burkini femme de Miss Burkini

The burkini with a capital B: A modern silhouette with a retro touch

Inspired by Hollywood cinema outfits and the Italian style of la dolce vita, our ranges of burkinis and our covering swimsuits combine comfort and style. Stroll on the beach or poolside in a stylish burkini or beach kaftan

Small burkini, big impact

Isn't true freedom to choose your lifestyle, your outfit and to live according to your own principles? Miss Burkini helps women reconcile physical activity and personal ethics thanks to Islamic swimsuits and inexpensive burkinis adapted to your practices. Choose the Muslim swimsuit of your dreams.

Jilbab de bain, Abaya de bain, maillot de bain non collant Miss Burkini

The Burkini: for Muslim women who take responsibility... and who have fun

Sometimes wrongly called birkini or borqini, the burkini is a swimsuit that allows Muslim women to bathe while respecting the principles of modesty of their religion. This swimwear, consisting of a top and long pants, offers a comfortable and stylish alternative to traditional swimwear.

In addition to being functional, the women's burkini has become a true symbol of self-affirmation by offering Muslim women the freedom to bathe while following the principles of their religion.

Wearing a long burkini (or burkini mastour) , a short burkini , a wide burkini or a hijab swimsuit is a personal choice, which allows women to follow the principles of their religion without renouncing their their passion for swimming. All our burkinis are available in large size burkinis.

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Burkini and modesty: how to reconcile your principles and your passion for swimming?

The concept of modesty in Islam is as important for women as it is for men. This notion of piety is considered an important virtue in religion. The objective? Behave humbly and with dignity without drawing attention to yourself while respecting certain standards of decency. For women, this usually means covering their head, body, and legs to protect modesty and maintain some distance between the sexes. When it comes time to swim, some Muslim women naturally choose to wear burkinis .

Wearing a Muslim swimsuit, a pool burkini , a large size burkini , a large burkini , a short-sleeved burkini or even a beach burkini is therefore a smart way for Muslim women to apply their principles at the beach or in the pool.

Even if you wear a stylish burkini or even a jilbeb burkini , you can consider that wearing a burkini swimsuit is in accordance with your religion and can be considered Islamic swimwear .

Discover dozens of beach caftans , wide and long burkinis and diverse and varied beach dresses