Burkini femme voilée : Les conseils essentiels pour bien choisir son burkini

Veiled women's burkini: Essential advice for choosing the right burkini

The burkini for veiled women: A trend that is redefining swimwear fashion. Designed to provide full coverage, the burkini minimizes sun exposure, allowing hours of relaxation without the risk of burns. Designed specifically for veiled Muslim women, it offers a variety of styles and colors to suit all tastes. Perfect for enjoying swimming without worrying about skin exposure, the burkini also makes an ideal gift that can be worn all year round!

Veiled women's burkini: Essential advice for choosing the right burkini

The origins of the burkini

The burkini, invented in 2004 by Aheda Zanetti, a visionary Australian, revolutionized the world of swimwear by offering increased comfort to Muslim women. This innovative creation opened up new perspectives in swimwear fashion, meeting the needs of diverse communities and celebrating the diversity of clothing choices.

Aheda's idea was simple: create a swimsuit that would cover the body while allowing freedom of movement. She believed her design would provide women with the opportunity to enjoy swimming and water sports without having to compromise their religious beliefs.

The first version of the burkini was called "Ahiida", meaning "water" in Arabic. Today it is also known as "burqini", a fusion between "bikini" and "burqa".

The burkini has gained popularity across the world over the past decade due to its ability to allow individuals to live comfortably while remaining true to their faith.

Veiled women's burkini: Essential advice for choosing the right burkini

Burkinis: An informed choice for modesty, freedom of movement and sun protection

Burkinis offer an ideal solution for those who want to protect their body from harmful UV rays while still fully enjoying outdoor activities during the summer months. This alternative prevents spots and skin aging as well as more serious damage such as skin cancer.

Every woman has her own burkini: A variety of styles to suit all preferences and needs.

Easily find your burkini in online stores specializing in Muslim fashion. With affordable prices and a wide selection, each model adapts to your desires. You will mainly discover the full swimsuit available in three different shapes.

The three-piece burkini:

The three-piece swimsuit , comprising leggings, a tunic and a built-in headband, is an excellent substitute for the pool cap and Muslim veil. Specially designed for practicing women, this model offers full coverage. Made from elastane, it combines the comfort of a classic swimsuit with an adaptation that respects clothing practices.

Islamic swimsuit and covering swimsuit:

The tunic, leggings and veil make up a versatile model, suitable not only for swimming but also for walking and jogging. Its stretchy fabric makes it perfect for pregnant or heavy women. In addition to offering protection against UV rays, this swimsuit is specially designed for women for whom exposure to the sun is not recommended. The long tunic shape suits all sizes, offering a feminine and sporty look, ideal for dancing and water sports.


Leggings, a versatile garment, can be worn alone or as part of an outfit. Particularly suitable for slim women, it offers complete freedom for activities such as cycling, climbing and swimming. Additionally, leggings fit perfectly with other outfits, whether Islamic or not, providing a versatile and comfortable clothing option.

This swimsuit is designed in a material offering unrestricted freedom of movement, whether in the water or on land. The combination of materials ensures that your skin stays dry, even when sweating from exercise or heat!

Veiled women's burkini: Essential advice for choosing the right burkini

Which burkini to choose?

Choosing your burkini is a personal decision. Each woman has a different body shape and tastes, requiring a selection adapted to her expectations. Before buying a burkini, it is essential to take into account certain criteria to guarantee your daily comfort.

Long burkini

The long burkini designed for veiled women offers total body coverage. It generally consists of three pieces: the tunic, the leggings/trousers and a bathing hijab to tie behind the head. It can also be available as a balaclava hijab. In addition, there is the possibility of opting for a model with a classic one or two-piece hijab, equipped with an interior cap, simply to put over the head.

It is designed to be worn by the beach and to protect you from the sun's rays and salt water. The fabric is often opaque and breathable, it adapts well to your skin so as not to bother you during your water activities.

Short burkini

Some burkinis do not cover all parts of the body, offering options such as short or 3/4 sleeves. As for the bottom, you have the option of choosing a model with integrated shorts. Alternatively, you can also purchase swim pants separately to put together your ensemble according to your preferences.

Veiled women's burkini: Essential advice for choosing the right burkini

Create the perfect silhouette

The 2024 burkini is this summer's hottest swimsuit trend, and you'll want to take advantage of it.

If you're wondering how to look stylish in a burkini, we're here to help. We have some tips for creating the perfect silhouette that will be admired by everyone on the beach.

The first step is to opt for an outfit that has pleats, texture or prints, all of which help create the illusion of volume, especially if you're petite. The objective is to play on this illusion of volume.

Next, choose a color that brightens and enhances your complexion. Cream and bronze tones generally suit most people.

Finally, don't forget the accessories! A hat can be very useful to perfect your style and protect you from possible sunstroke. As a bonus, it will protect you from facial sunburn!

Choose the color that suits you

Burkinis come in a wide range of colors, but some are more popular than others. Here's a look at what you'll find on the market, and why:

– Black: Black is a classic choice for swimsuits, ideal for those looking for sobriety. The beauty of this swimsuit is its ability to suit almost any body shape, whether you're slim or curvy. Black adapts harmoniously to your figure and makes you beautiful. If you can't find black at your local retailer, be sure to check online.

– Red: Red burkinis are bold, subtle and eye-catching, offering a great way to stand out without the swimsuit dominating your outfit. If you want a more classic color while enjoying the pleasures of a printed swimsuit, red may be the solution.

– White: White is among the most popular choices among burkini buyers because it goes well with almost all skin tones. In addition, it reflects light offering a little freshness under a blazing sun.

Choosing a burkini adapted to your body shape

If you are a woman wanting to wear a burkini but don't know where to start, here are some tips to help you choose the one that best suits your body shape!

First, let's look at the structure of the burkini. If certain parts of your body want to be hidden, play with optical effects to camouflage them. Also exploit textures and colors to make them disappear.

If certain parts of your body deserve to be highlighted, opt for contrasting colors or patterns to accentuate them. For example, if you want to highlight your slender legs, choose a patterned burkini with bright colors; this will make them look more shapely.

Whatever coin you invest in, whether its cost is 10 or 100 euros, you are spending value. It would be a shame if this piece didn't give you the value you deserve in return. It is therefore crucial to choose a quality burkini, especially if you want it to last for years and seasons!

The A-shaped morphology (pear shape)

The A-shaped body shape is characterized by the lower part of the body being wider than the shoulders, a very feminine silhouette but sometimes complex to dress, with the upper body risking being neglected.

Do not panic ! We have tips for you.

When choosing a burkini , choose a flared tunic combined with a fitted top.

This will balance your proportions, showcasing your curves without risking getting lost in the fabric (you'll look stunning, trust us).

V-shaped morphology

The V morphology is characterized this time by shoulders wider than the pelvis, to highlight this sporty silhouette here are some tips:

Opt for sober tops and strong pieces at the bottom like a flared skirt for example.

Draw attention to the lower body. Pair your swimsuit with sarongs or other pieces that highlight your lower body, like ruffles.

Also opt for pieces with details towards the lower body, such as a burkini with a ruffle or simply a colorful or patterned sarong.

H-shaped morphology

If you have an elegant H-shaped figure, fitted tunics or burkinis should be avoided!

There are many ways to balance an H silhouette, here are some tips:

For this type of body type, loose and flowing burkinis are preferred.

The empire style burkini is a great option for this body type. It creates an illusion of size, providing the desired effect in this case.

I-shaped morphology

Do you have a skinny body shape? You probably have an I-shaped figure, also called a “boyish figure”. To feminize, simply accentuate your chest, shoulders and hips.

To bring more roundness to your silhouette, opt for pleats, satin textures or prints like the patterned burkini .

O morphology

The oval-shaped silhouette, sometimes called round or O-shaped, characterizes a body with generous curves. This silhouette is distinguished by a voluminous chest, a rounded stomach, wide hips and shapely buttocks. For those who have this morphology and wish to enhance their curves while hiding certain aspects here are some tips:

Choose dark, monochrome colors. Black generally reduces curves, so avoid overly wide cuts and prints. Prefer fitted, simple and refined outfits. Choose a burkini that highlights your curves while respecting your modesty.

To add fantasy to your outfit, wear beautiful jewelry or colorful or original beach accessories such as sunglasses, bags, etc.

X-shaped morphology

The X silhouette, often perceived as the feminine ideal in terms of morphology, is characterized by shoulders the same width as the hips and a distinctly defined waist. Women with this body shape share some similarities with the figure 8 figure, although they generally have less pronounced curves.

It's essential to remember that, as a woman in X, you have the freedom to wear virtually any style. You'll find a variety of styles and colors on Miss Burkini , so don't be discouraged if you don't find what you like right away - there are plenty of other options!

Veiled women's burkini: Essential advice for choosing the right burkini

Anthology of advice for you

The veiled women's burkini is undoubtedly the latest sensation in swimwear, and it promises to be the summer essential.

If you feel lost, here are some tips for elegantly wearing your burkini:

Be selective in choosing your burkini. With a variety of styles available, opt for the one that best suits your body shape and reflects your personal style.

Choose comfortable underwear under your burkini. They will increase your comfort but also highlight your silhouette in a flattering way.

Before heading to the beach or water park, make sure every part of your swimsuit fits perfectly. If you spot any loose seams or other issues, don't hesitate to bring it back for an exchange for something better suited to your needs and style.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen! Even if you wear a burkini, protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Just like other summer outdoor enthusiasts, you should not underestimate the potential long-term damage to your skin from the sun.

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