comment rester élégantes par temps caniculaire ?

Muslim women: how to stay elegant in scorching weather?

Dressing up in clothes on hot summer days while maintaining modesty can seem like a big challenge. However, this does not mean you have to sacrifice your style and modesty. There are actually various ways that a Muslim woman can dress elegantly and comfortably during the summer season. Let’s discover all the tips together.

Muslim women: how to stay stylish in scorching weather

Which fabrics should you choose to stay pleasantly fresh while preserving the modesty of your outfit?

Summer periods, often marked by high temperatures, require careful choice of outfits in order to avoid various inconveniences. Who would want to end up with marks on their arms, heat rash, or that uncomfortable feeling of humidity?

In order to dress adequately while remaining comfortable during scorching days, it is recommended to favor certain materials. Cotton, silk and linen particularly stand out. Comfortable and breathable, these textiles are excellent choices for enjoying complete coverage while remaining lightweight.

Cotton will become your favorite companion for adopting a casual style. Its absorbent quality and ease of ironing make it a wise choice. As for silk, it is ideal for an elegant outfit, whether day or night. Its silky and shiny appearance gives an undeniable touch of elegance.

Essential during the summer season, linen stands out for its absorbent and breathable properties. It eliminates any feeling of discomfort, providing appreciable freshness in your outfit. For lovers of seaside style, linen is a delightful choice.

As a general rule, it is recommended to favor the lightest materials to guarantee optimal comfort during the summer. While thick fabrics like velvet may be appreciated on cool summer nights, they are often inappropriate during the day.

Muslim women: how to stay elegant in scorching weather?

The burkini: a clothing option perfectly suited for your swimming moments

Looking for an Islamic swimsuit for swimming in public? The burkini, available in various forms such as the short sleeve burkini, the short burkini, the modern burkini , the wide burkini, the long burkini and the pool burkini is exactly what you need. Specially designed for Muslim women, the Malaga burkini can be worn at the beach as well as in the pool. Composed of pants and a tunic covering the entire body with the exception of the hands, feet and face, the 2024 women's burkini provides complete coverage while offering comfort and style.

Deciding to wear a veiled women's burkini respects Islamic law, thus offering you the opportunity to fully enjoy your swimming moments. Its loose and wide cut elegantly conceals the woman's body. Made with breathable and comfortable fabrics, this garment is suitable for practicing aquatic activities.

Available for all body types and suitable for all ages, the modern women's burkini aims to satisfy all Muslim women. That's not all, it is also designed by designers to achieve both practical and aesthetic results. Available in a varied palette of colors, from dark to bright, it meets all preferences.

The most daring can opt for a patterned 2024 burkini tunic, which they will match with plain pants in a more sober shade. The ensemble can be completed by the hijab integrated into the clothing or by an Islamic veil. You can find these unveiled women's burkinis in an online store specializing in women's burkinis, at very affordable prices.

What shades and clothing cuts should you adopt during the summer season?

Depending on its color, a fabric can absorb heat in varying ways, attributable to its reflectivity. Light tones are known to reflect light, while dark colors tend to absorb it. So, heat is generally felt more in a dark outfit than in a light outfit.

For optimal comfort in summer, it is therefore recommended to favor light or pastel colors. Seasonal trends include soft and tangy shades such as nude, pistachio green and lilac. You can therefore adopt light colors while remaining fashionable.

When it comes to fit, the obvious option is to choose loose-fitting clothing that offers a casual, breezy look. The fluid and light cuts are particularly appreciated for their comfort and elegance, allowing you to feel less compressed and promoting the evacuation of perspiration.

Opt for opaque outfits to preserve modesty during the summer season.

The heat caused by layering clothing represents one of the main difficulties encountered by Muslim women. Even in summer, the objective remains to dress appropriately to preserve modesty.

To meet this challenge, it is recommended to avoid the accumulation of clothing and to favor opaque pieces. You can easily find long dresses with linings in Muslim clothing stores. As for bathing hijabs, opt for bonnets or hoods so as not to tighten the veil too much.

Muslim women: how to stay elegant in scorching weather?

Add a touch of elegance to your outfits with accessories!

When you want to accessorize a Muslim outfit, it is crucial to make choices that are consistent with Islamic code and law. Whether you wear a loose dress combined with a veil or the swimming hijab or a covering swimsuit, it is recommended to avoid changing its length. However, some accessories can be added to personalize the outfit and achieve the perfect summer look.

Colorful scarves and pins prove to be allies of choice for Muslim women in summer. They bring a relaxed, sunny touch, instantly transforming a classic look. Simple or embellished with rhinestones, a pin gives a special touch to your swim hijab and can even be a great way to attach it correctly.

Summer celebrates floral prints. Floral, striped or polka dot hijabs prove to be great options for creating a fresh look that will make you stand out. Brooches also offer a way to personalize your outfit, whether you place them on the right side above the chest or at the waist as a buckle for the dress panels.

Let's not forget the belt which adds a touch of femininity to a Muslim outfit. In fabric, leather or decorated with rhinestones, the belts come in various shapes to suit all preferences. However, it is recommended to avoid large models, opting instead for something more discreet which will highlight your figure.

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