Le Burkini femme: le maillot de bain musulman tendance

The women's Burkini: the trendy Muslim swimsuit

Within Muslim culture, women are expected to dress in a way that covers their entire body, from head to toe, including swimwear. In order to align with this tradition, designers have developed a specific bathing outfit for Muslim women: the burkini. Discover a variety of models and choose a burkini that complements your figure while highlighting your beauty.

A Muslim swimsuit trend

Swimsuits are often chosen to enhance the feminine silhouette and curves. However, in practicing Islam, it is important to respect traditions, including when it comes to going to the swimming pool. Thus, swimwear intended for Muslim women is clearly distinguished from conventional swimsuits. They are encouraged to wear a burkini, specially designed for veiled women under theMiss Burkini brand, in order to cover their body in accordance with custom. However, there is a wide variety of models on the market, allowing you to stay fashionable. The collections available in store offer burkinis in various colors and patterns to suit all tastes. So select the design that reflects your personality to shine at the pool or on the beach.

Find models to choose from to follow the trend

In Muslim culture, women are allowed to wear a variety of outfits, as long as they are accompanied by a veil. Within the burkini collections intended for veiled women, these same styles are available. No matter your body type, you also have the choice between a bath hijab and a bath jilbab.

Wear a swim hijab with your burkini

A swim hijab is a type of veil designed to be worn with your burkini, offering a variety of designs to match your swimsuit to your veil. The selection options are vast, making it possible to find a swim hijab suitable for various occasions, whether for a day at the beach, a swimming competition, or simply for the pleasure of swimming in the pool. Although some stores offer a swim hijab to match the burkini, it is also possible to purchase a separate piece to complete your ensemble. The choices available vary depending on your body type, your stylistic preferences and the type of fabric desired. Make sure you choose a hijab that meets your expectations and requirements.

A bath jilbab for your comfort

Some burkini styles mimic everyday outfits, consisting of a long, loose dress accompanied by a veil to cover the head. These models are particularly suitable for outings to the beach rather than for sports practice or swimming competitions. Opt for a jilbab to benefit from optimal comfort in the water, thanks to a quality fabric and a fashionable color that brings a unique touch of style. In addition, the catalogs offer matching tunic and pants sets, giving you the opportunity to diversify the look of your burkini.

Given the variety of designs available on the market, choosing a burkini that suits you is essential. Here are some recommendations to guide you towards the best choice:

Identify the right size: whether you opt for a long dress or a looser burkini, select a size suited to your figure. Designers offer a wide range of sizes, from standard to XXL, and many outlets offer plus-size collections, ensuring that every woman can find a suitable outfit for the beach.

Consider the trend: each model is distinguished by its fabric, colors and patterns. Select a burkini that suits your personal taste while also informing yourself about the latest trends to ensure your swimsuit choice is fashionable.

Think about your budget: opt for a good quality model that stays within your budget. Explore online stores to find the perfect model, with prices generally fluctuating between €50 and €70, depending on the specificity of the design.

Quality fabrics for your burkini

Like other swimwear, designers select fabrics that dry quickly in the air and are resistant to the sun's UV rays when making burkinis. Comfort is also an essential criterion in choosing the material for your burkini. Usually, catalogs present burkinis made of lycra, polyester, nylon, polyamide, or even swim jersey. These different materials offer a wide range of colors, including turquoise blue, black, pink, or purple. Some styles may feature sequins to add a feminine touch to the swimsuit, as well as sleek patterns and other decorations.

To honor Muslim traditions while maintaining your modesty, opt for a burkini, available in a variety of styles. When choosing, select a model that reflects your personal preferences and aligns with your budget. Whether you choose a jilbab or a burkini accompanied by a hijab to complete your ensemble, stay informed of the latest trends to remain elegant at the beach or by the pool.

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