Entretenir votre Burkini Femme

Wash it, dry it... Maintain your Women's Burkini

You have purchased your modern women's burkini swimsuit. You wonder how to maintain it.

Here is an article with some maintenance tips: simple, effective.

Wash it, dry it... Maintain your Women's Burkini

Your Women's Burkini deserves the best when washing

A women's burkini is precious, so like any item of clothing in your wardrobe, you must take care of your modern women's burkini with care. You will not regret having done the maximum for your women's burkini which will then remain like new. Preferably put it in a bag for this purpose, so that your burkini swimsuit does not end up in the washing machine mixed with the other clothes. 30 degrees is the ideal temperature. Nothing stops you from washing your women's burkini by hand using a gentle and non-aggressive product for your skin.

Dry your Women's Burkini in the shade, in the house

As funny as it may seem, your burkini - whether it is a long burkini, a short burkini, a large size burkini, a covering burkini , a 4-piece burkini... -  only likes the sun if you are "in the sun"!!! Indeed, on the sand by the sea, your women's burkini lounges with you. But, after having endured a machine wash, or even a hand wash (provided you do not twist it between your hands to wring it) , your Muslim swimsuit will not appreciate being hung on a line laundry, in the sun, for hours on end. To protect the impeccable shape of your burkini and maintain its vibrant colors, hang it on a hanger inside the house you will not regret its color and its maintenance. 

Wash it, dry it... Maintain your Women's Burkini 1

A horrible stain on your Burkini?

Don’t rub the stain that distresses you on your women’s burkini! We just spray the said task - advice from Miss Burkini - with a specific product or simply coat it with dry soap, a basic soap and your women's burkini is in the wash; That's it. Needless to say, the ideal temperature for him is 30 degrees maximum. Your women's burkini 2024 You will get it back well over time. He will thus keep  its colors, its outfit which make the style of your women's burkini unique.

Wash it, dry it... Maintain your Women's Burkini 3

Don't panic either in the event of a snag on the Women's Burkini

It's easy to understand why you might fear a tear on your women's burkini. This is a garment that we rarely wear, except in summer - or on vacation, - and that we cherish because it took us time to find the right sexy burkini that will accompany us for two or three seasons...So the hitch, the horror!!! No, your women's burkini will survive! whether it's holed or torn, no dangerous needle for the fabric of your trendy burkini. A single gesture: the soft iron thermo sticky that you will find everywhere, which, moreover, exists in different colors, and even colorless if the damage to your women's burkini is less.

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