Nos 6 conseils pour une tenue de plage élégante et pudique

Our 6 tips for an elegant and modest beach outfit

For those who are preparing to go out in the sun this winter or who are simply planning ahead by anticipating the arrival of spring (in just four months), this article is for you.

Beyond the careful choice of burkini, the judicious selection of beach dresses , beach caftan and beach accessories is of crucial importance. How to recreate the elegance of Brigitte Bardot in Saint-Tropez in the 50s and put together a chic beach outfit this year? Miss Burkini shares her tips.

Our 6 tips for an elegant and modest beach outfit

Choosing the right Muslim swimsuit

Many criteria will guide you in choosing the women's burkini that suits you. To this end, it is essential to take into consideration your skin color, your body type, your size, and of course... your personal preferences.

1. The right color for a modern burkini

The tone of your skin plays a crucial role in choosing the colors that will flatter you. Let's not forget that you will probably have a more tanned complexion by summer!

If your skin is very fair, choose pastel shades. Opt, for example, for a mauve , sea green , or even powder pink burkini .

For fair skin with golden undertones, opt for bright colors. A poppy red, orange-yellow , or apple green burkini will be ideal.

Golden skin harmonizes well with warm tones. Choose a brick red , caramel, or saffron Muslim swimsuit… These colors will perfectly highlight your skin.

If your skin is dark, cool colors will look great. Opt for a navy blue burkini, pine green , or even burgundy.

Our 6 tips for an elegant and modest beach outfit

Choosing the right beach dress or beach caftan

3. The right material

To display a style that is both casual and elegant on the beaches this year, the first step is to choose the right material for your clothes (burkini, Moroccan caftan, modern caftan, beach dress).

Viscose has the advantage of effectively fixing color, ensuring that your beach dresses or swimsuits retain their shine for a long time.

Polyester is a material that is not very prone to creasing, or almost does not crease, while being resistant. This frees you from ironing your burkini swimsuits and tunics each time you go out.

Polyamide, thanks to its flexible and resistant fibers, is practically waterproof. This saves you a lot of inconvenience when getting out of the water.

Our 6 tips for an elegant and modest beach outfit

4. The right print

For a 2024 burkini, geometric patterns and bright colors are in the spotlight. Lines, square and rectangular shapes, electric colors... These trends can guide you in choosing your beach clothes.

Our full-coverage swimsuit burkinis meet all these trends: they combine geometric patterns and vibrant colors. Their viscose material, their long sleeves and their original pareos make them the perfect choice for this year.

Our 6 tips for an elegant and modest beach outfit

Make a wise choice when it comes to accessories.

Absolutely ! Accessories are the essential finishing touch to perfect a chic and bohemian beach outfit.

5. The right assortment

When we think of beach accessories, we think of hats, sunglasses, beach bags and sandals that can enhance your outfit both at the pool and at the beach.

To complete this ensemble, opt for similar or harmonious colors, creating a complete beach look this year.

6. The trend

Following trends often offers creative ideas and inspirations for our own wardrobe.

Another trend from the 50s is making a comeback: swimming caps and fancy bathing hijabs. Once considered a true expression of femininity, these hats prized by fashionistas are coming back to the forefront.

There are different types of bath hijabs: classic or turban version, to adapt to your outfit.

Our 6 tips for an elegant and modest beach outfit

To adopt a chic beach outfit as spring approaches, be sure to choose the right burkini (in terms of color and cut), the ideal outfit (considering the material and prints) as well as the appropriate accessories.

Don't forget to take inspiration from the 2024 burkini trends: geometric patterns, bright colors, comfortable materials, retro cuts, and of course... swimming caps !

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