Tendance burkini 2024

Burkini trend 2024

From the burkini that doesn't stick to the tight-fitting burkini....from the veiled women's burkini to the burkini
sexy....from the long burkini to the cropped burkini....from the caftan burkini to the burkini
shorts....from the 4-piece women's burkini with kaftan and swim hijab to the sleeved burkini
short, only models and specificities which simply correspond to the
woman who buys it and her view on the modern burkini.

Sexy burkinis according to Miss Burkini

The sexy burkini is not necessarily the clothing of
alluring beach in the negative sense of the term. Equal to the bikini, moreover, which has nothing
systematically sexual either.
It's quite simply the burkini swimsuit that we notice, which pleases because
that it is well cut and suits its owner. This is the seductive burkini
first look. It can be a more or less tight-fitting burkini, more or less
colorful...a trendy burkini that appeals to the independent woman!
Among our 350 models , we will easily classify among these sexy burkinis the burkinis
from our “Long Burkinis” collection and those from our “Modern Burkinis” collection. They attract us with their tunics of varied shapes and make us want to
wear them as soon as you see them.

women's burkini 2024 - blog burkini trend 2024 miss burkini

The stylish burkini according to Miss Burkini

Class in the spotlight in a stylish burkini. The woman who chooses this type of burkini
likes to be refined, even at the beach. Colors and length especially for
a loose burkini or a burkini with wide pants or an oversized burkini, a burkini that
doesn't stick...but this burkini swimsuit will always have a touch

We will easily recognize in this category our pieces belonging to the range
“covering burkinis” adorably accompanied by flattering caftans.
These are the burkinis from our “Best sellers” collection. We will also recognize the
Burkinis swimwear from our very elegant “beach burkinis” collection.
Chic in a stylish burkini!

women's burkini 2024 - blog burkini trend 2024 miss burkini

The Muslim burkini according to Miss Burkini

What can we say about the modesty of women who wish to wear a burkini swimsuit?
simple because it protects its forms from view, whether out of conviction
religious or for any other reason. These are women's burkinis whose
legging is long, covered with a tunic, all associated with a caftan worn -or
not- over. This kaftan dress is often very colorful and pleasant.

We will wear - or not - the bathing hijab sold with it. From delicacy to subtlety!
A nice competition to the classic beach dress.

Without hesitation, you will classify our “ Islamic burkinis ” in this category.
who meet this description and will look, in case of interest on your part,
our collection of bath hijabs.

women's burkini 2024 - blog burkini trend 2024 miss burkini

The sports burkini according to Miss Burkini

In this particular case, you must know how to combine ease of movement and
care that we want to put on the burkini in order to make it a modest burkini.
The woman who loves swimming is right to think about wearing a practical burkini, a
cropped burkini, whose simplicity rivals any classic swimsuit.
This ultimate sports burkini will leave her free to move and, above all,
suit its culture.

No problem finding such sophisticated and seamless pearls on our site.
hesitation, you will look at our models from the “ short burkinis ” collection.
They are above the knee, or just below and short sleeved. OUR
short burkini, it's simply charming.

More sober but meeting the same criteria, we offer you the "pool burkini" whose range is directly inspired by nautical surfing or
paddle and, of course, swimming...

You can now have a much clearer idea of ​​the variety of
women's burkinis available to you.

women's burkini 2024 - blog burkini trend 2024 miss burkini

Our 2024 burkinis adapt to any style of woman.

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