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A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Burkini: How to Make the Perfect Choice?

The burkini, created in 2004 by Lebanese-Australian designer Aheda Zanetti, has evolved over the years to offer a variety of styles meeting the preferences and needs of its users. The different types of burkinis available in the market include two, three or four piece designs, thus offering a diverse choice in terms of coverage and style. Some are designed for sporty use, while others prioritize elegance and versatility. When choosing the perfect burkini, it is essential to consider criteria such as cut, fabric, coverage, and of course, compliance with Islamic principles. Where to find these Islamic swimsuits and how to ensure their quality? Let’s find out the answers to these questions together.

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Burkini: How to Make the Perfect Choice?

The burkini: the art of reconciling public swimming and respect for religious beliefs

Beyond religious considerations, the burkini presents itself as a unifying garment on a social level. He opened the way for those who found themselves excluded from the joys of the swimming pool and the beach. In addition, this covering swimsuit fits harmoniously into the emerging trend of modest fashion. It represents a movement that resists the hypersexualization of the female body in our societies.

The burkini is a choice of female Islamic swimwear that generously encompasses a large part of the body, mainly adopted by Muslim women. Indeed, Islam imposes strict rules on female dress, prohibiting a Muslim woman from revealing herself in public. The creation of the burkini is part of this perspective of respect for the religious sensitivity of practitioners. By covering the arms, legs, chest and hair, this swimsuit offers Muslim women the opportunity to swim in public while remaining in conformity with the requirements of their faith.

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Burkini: How to Make the Perfect Choice?

The burkini offers women the opportunity to free themselves from complexes linked to the gaze of others. As a full-coverage swimsuit, it plays an essential role in hiding any imperfections. From the veiled women's burkini to the unveiled women's burkini, including the short burkini and the long burkini, it allows women to regain self-confidence and acquire greater confidence.

2 or 3 pieces: The secrets to choosing the right burkini!

The full swimsuit can be available in two or three pieces, including the following elements:

  1. Leggings
  2. Tunic
  3. Bath hijab

The two-piece models are distinguished by the absence of the bathing hijab, designed specifically to cover the hair, thus providing a role similar to that of a swimming cap. Stores specializing in burkinis offer a wide selection of swim hijabs to suit all preferences.

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Burkini: How to Make the Perfect Choice?

Leggings, an essential garment for total or partial leg coverage, are characterized by their elasticity, ensuring optimal support when swimming. It is essential to check your size carefully before making your choice, as the quality of the swimming experience largely depends on the fit of this piece. Leggings should not be excessively tight, to avoid any muscle discomfort after a prolonged period in the water. A careful balance between comfort and support is the key to fully enjoying your swimwear.

The burkini tunic, available in a wide range of styles, scrupulously respects Islamic standards by completely covering the chest of the wearer. Each model is carefully designed to avoid excessively highlighting the curves of the body, thus ensuring elegance and modesty consistent with the precepts of modest fashion.

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Burkini: How to Make the Perfect Choice?

Burkini tunics offer a variety of lengths depending on the brand, sometimes extending to the knees or reaching down to the calves. For an optimal experience, some tunics can be embellished with a belt at the waist. There are also tunic models that take the form of a sweatshirt, merging with a hood that fulfills the practical and aesthetic role of the bathing hijab.

The dilemma between long and short

The long burkini completely wraps the woman's body, available in two or three piece versions. Its design is particularly effective in preventing sunburn on the beach, thus helping to slow down skin aging. As an alternative to sunscreen, the long burkini offers complete protection, ensuring a worry-free day at the beach.

Thanks to this type of swimsuit, say goodbye to sand clinging to the skin, and cleaning is done in the blink of an eye. What's more, when it's cold in the water, this full-coverage swimsuit becomes a very welcome option. For those who frequent areas where jellyfish are numerous, the long version of the women's burkini proves to be the ideal solution. No more fears of bites from these unwanted sea creatures.

The short burkini delicately reveals the woman's calves and arms, offering a judicious compromise between freedom of movement and respect for privacy. It is a popular option for modern Muslim women who aspire to enjoy water and sun without sacrificing the values ​​of their faith. Sleeve lengths may vary between brands, allowing for customization according to individual preferences.

Burkini versions with sleeves vary, some covering three-quarters of the arms, others half, or even only a third. The choice between a short or long burkini depends on each person's individual needs. The main thing is to choose a high-quality model that makes swimming easier while meeting comfort requirements.

A variety of burkinis for all occasions: beach or pool

The essential attributes of a burkini designed for the beach

To wear a modern burkini in a religious context, choose long models. The beach, as a mixed public space, requires women to cover their bodies in accordance with the precepts of Islam. Long models preserve privacy, revealing only the feet, face and hands. Also make sure that the fabric of the covering swimsuit is resistant to sea salt, and that its cut facilitates water games and activities.

The distinctive features of the ideal burkini for a day at the pool

At the pool, where hygiene rules are strict, opt for a fitted burkini. Choose a covering swimsuit resistant to chlorine, present in all public swimming pools. Prolonged contact with chlorine can alter the fabric, and a high concentration of chlorine can cause light-colored burkinis to yellow. Therefore, favor models in dark tones for optimal durability.

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Burkini: How to Make the Perfect Choice?

Other things to consider when choosing your full-coverage swimsuit

Buying a burkini also requires consideration of crucial aspects such as color, choice of fabric used, as well as individual body shape.

Burkini color

Most models feature dark shades such as black and midnight blue, ensuring opacity even when the swimsuit is wet. However, these colors may be less practical in hot weather. This is why some brands offer models in brighter tones such as pink, sky blue, burgundy , or even options decorated with floral patterns. These malaga burkinis add a touch of femininity to the outfit and are perfect for the summer season.

Fabric quality

The choice of material is a crucial aspect when selecting a full swimsuit. It must be both elastic and quick to dry, hence the widespread use of Lycra by most manufacturers. Also known as elastane , Lycra has excellent elastic properties, promoting freedom of movement while ensuring effective protection against the sun's rays. It does not crease and provides a pleasant sensation to the touch, while being resistant to chlorine and sea salts.

Furthermore, the Miss Burkini Islamic swimsuit can be made from polyamide, offering appreciable waterproofing, although this material may not be as durable. For those who prefer a thicker option, neoprene presents itself as an optimal choice. It constitutes an excellent thermal insulator while maintaining great flexibility.


The design of the burkini should effectively conceal certain parts of the figure. A woman with wide hips could opt for a model with a long, flared tunic, creating visual balance. The burkini is designed to preserve privacy, so it is best to avoid models that emphasize curves too much.

For those with an X-shaped body shape, a full swimsuit fitted at the waist is ideal. There are various sizes of burkinis capable of harmoniously camouflaging generous shapes. It is also crucial to consider the functionality of the jersey.

Where to find burkinis?

Buying burkinis online from specialized sites offers a variety of Islamic swimwear suitable for every body shape and preference. However, many sellers operate overseas, mainly in Muslim countries, and offer fewer guarantees.

To avoid complications, it is preferable to favor a burkini sales site established in France. This guarantees advantages such as the withdrawal period and the protection of personal data. Delivery is also faster with a seller based on the national territory. Before finalizing an online order, it is still essential to check the security of the payment method.

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