Critères à prendre en compte pour dénicher un burkini de qualité

Criteria to take into account to find a quality burkini

The burkini, as a swimsuit, offers women the opportunity to enjoy swimming while combining comfort and style, while respecting their religious beliefs. It is also presented as an ideal solution for those who wish to protect their skin from UV rays. With a variety of cuts available, burkinis transcend their primary function to become true fashion pieces, allowing everyone to highlight their body shape with elegance and discretion. However, as swimwear, it is essential to prioritize comfort and freedom of movement. Therefore, the choice among the various models offered on the market requires particular attention. Discover our advice for an informed selection.

Criteria to take into account to find a quality burkini

What is the ideal material for a burkini?

Burkinis are often made from water-resistant materials that are lightweight and conform well to the body to allow easy freedom of movement. When choosing a burkini, focus on the durability and comfort offered by the material. In general, those available in stores or online are mainly made of polyester, nylon or spandex.

Polyester and elastane offer an excellent compromise between quality and price, being at the same time light, durable, water-repellent and pleasant to wear. Burkini stores offer a variety of fits thanks to the versatility of polyester. Spandex is also a wise choice, ensuring optimal comfort. Investing in a quality burkini can extend its lifespan, with quality finishes visible even from the outside. Whether you're planning a day at the beach or regular sessions at the pool, polyester offers excellent durability.

Criteria to take into account to find a quality burkini

Which burkini cut should you choose to optimize comfort?

Today, burkinis offer a variety of cuts for all styles, whether you're looking for feminine models with sunny patterns or more sober designs. Before falling for a favorite, make sure that the model matches your body type. The three-piece burkini is the basic version, comprising a tunic, leggings and headband, replacing the swimming cap and veil for Muslim women wanting full coverage. The long burkini, composed of a tunic, leggings or pants and a bathing hijab, offers comfort and practicality for full coverage.

Criteria to take into account to find a quality burkini

Three-piece burkinis , with tunic, leggings and veil, are suitable for various activities like jogging and walking, and are ideal for the beach with maximum freedom of movement. Short burkinis are perfect for petite women, with shorter tunics and tight tops making it easier to move. Some styles feature short or 3/4 sleeves, with shorts or leggings optional.

What budget for a quality burkini?

To get a burkini with top-notch finishes, it is generally recommended to budget between €60 and €100. This range encompasses various cuts, whether you opt for a short or long model. Prices may also vary depending on the brand chosen. It is wise to compare the different models offered by specialized stores in order to find the best quality/price ratio.

Online stores dedicated to swimwear for Muslim women periodically present promotional offers. Take advantage of these opportunities to acquire your burkinis, even if you don't have an immediate need. Prices tend to decrease during the low season. By subscribing to the newsletters of these online stores, you will stay informed of promotional offers and will be able to acquire quality burkinis at more advantageous prices.

Criteria to take into account to find a quality burkini

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