Quels maillots de bain autorisés à la piscine

What swimsuits are allowed in the pool

Summer is running its course, and while the beaches are invaded by Augustians in search of coolness, why not turn to the equally refreshing swimming pools?

In high season, municipal swimming pools are an excellent alternative to escape the crowds of the beaches, but also the heat and the UV rays of the sun, which are sometimes too intense. However, the benefits of swimming pools go beyond the coolness and tranquility they provide. Indulging in a swimming session provides a multitude of benefits for physical and mental health.

But before you go there, there are a few rules you should know! In particular, those concerning swimsuits authorized at entry. Are swim shorts allowed in the pool? What options do you have to stay stylish in all circumstances?

What swimsuits are allowed in the pool

What swimwear is accepted at the swimming pool?

It is important to note that not all public pools admit all styles of women's swimsuits. Some are recommended while others are, on the contrary, prohibited. Which are they?

One-piece swimsuits

Women's one-piece swimsuits are generally allowed in the pool without much difficulty. Why are they more easily accepted than a small bikini or wide shorts?

Well, several reasons come into play, often specified in the internal regulations specific to each aquatic establishment. These reasons are generally related to physical safety and hygiene.

In a one-piece swimsuit, it is easier to swim, move and swim laps without running the risk of your swimsuit coming off.

Sports bras

If you still prefer to opt for a two-piece swimsuit at the pool, the bra represents a good compromise. Sporty, it provides effective support for your chest and is generally accompanied by matching sports pants.

Tip: bikini tops with wide straps crossed at the back are the best choice for your aquatic escapades. Indeed, they offer excellent support while not restricting your movements, which has earned them the nickname "swimmer's swimsuits".

What swimsuits are allowed at the pool.

So what about the burkini and the Muslim swimsuit?

Whether burkinis are allowed in the swimming pool is a matter that varies from one establishment to another and often depends on internal regulations. Some aquatic centers welcome the burkini, recognizing its role in promoting inclusion and respect in clothing choices. For others, however, restrictions may remain depending on health and safety rules. The evolution of these practices demonstrates the growing desire of many establishments to create welcoming spaces for all, promoting the diversity of swimwear.

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What swimsuits are allowed at the pool.

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