Sélectionner le burkini parfait pour vos vacances : un guide pratique.

Selecting the perfect burkini for your vacation: a practical guide.

Selecting a swimsuit is always a key moment as summer approaches. Being the fashion accessory par excellence, your choice must align with several personal criteria, thus best reflecting your personality and your beliefs. This will ensure you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

This is all the more true for Muslim women who choose to preserve their modesty with a burkini. While classic swimsuits are often minimalist, highlighting the body, the Muslim woman relies on her burkini to stand out, while maintaining a touch of coquetry, thus reflecting the image of a fulfilled woman.

Far from relying on the charms of her body to attract attention, the Muslim woman finds her greatest asset in her modesty. She adorns this modesty with a burkini carefully chosen to highlight the complexion, size, silhouette, but also to hide her complexes. The choice of swimsuit is therefore of capital importance for Muslim women. In this article, we will explore the criteria to consider to ensure you make the right choice.

Selecting the perfect burkini for your vacation: a practical guide.

The shape of your burkini

The selection of the cut of your burkini is mainly influenced by your body shape. With the primary aim of preserving modesty, your choice will be a model designed to flatter your silhouette while respecting your values:

For A-shaped figures, characterized by a pelvis wider than the shoulders, a burkini with a flared tunic would be optimal, offering more width at the level of the buttocks and avoiding molding the hips. Designs with ruffles on the shoulders and/or chest can also create an illusion of volume on the upper body, balancing out curves.

Likewise, V-shaped figures, with shoulders wider than the hips, will find in this model a way to make their silhouette more balanced, by adding volume to the lower body.

H-shaped silhouettes, with a size equivalent to the width of the shoulders and hips, will benefit from a model that does not accentuate the waist, thus avoiding any feeling of compression at this level.

I-shaped silhouettes have a certain freedom of choice, to feminize this skinny morphology we will rely on satin textures, prints as well as ruffles to thicken and round out the silhouette.

Finally, for O-shaped silhouettes with voluptuous shapes, a fitted model in dark, solid colors is preferred.

These suggestions are provided for informational purposes only. If you embrace your shapes with confidence, don't hesitate to choose clothes, styles and colors that you like and in which you feel comfortable. After all, what matters is the expression of self-confidence.

Selecting the perfect burkini for your vacation: a practical guide.

Choosing the colors and patterns of your burkini

Another determining criterion in the choice of a swimsuit, the color or the pattern generally intervenes according to three distinct criteria:

  1. Your personal preferences: Each of us has favorite colors, those that enhance our complexion or simply those that we find visually pleasing. Patterns also come into play, with some preferring florals, while others opt for more graphic, modern styles. It is crucial to choose a model that is fun to wear, while also pleasing to you personally.
  2. Current trends: This criterion is undeniably essential. Being fashion conscious, women have the opportunity to explore a much wider range of styles, from classic to whimsical. Whether the trend is flowers or stripes, there is always a trendy burkini to seduce and enhance you.
  3. Your body shape: Colors and patterns are the modest everyday Muslim woman’s best allies. It is recommended to avoid bright colors or patterns on areas that you wish to conceal, thus making these areas less visible by creating a contrast with other, more attractive colors. For example, A-shaped silhouettes may favor black bottoms with a colorful and/or floral tunic, while V-shaped silhouettes may opt for the opposite. O-shaped women can find an excellent ally in an entirely dark-colored burkini embellished with rhinestones.

Selecting the perfect burkini for your vacation: a practical guide.

The materials used to make your burkini

A burkini, as a swimsuit, requires a material that meets two fundamental requirements to ensure comfort: elasticity and quick drying. It is recommended to favor models containing at least 15% elastane, also known as spandex or Lycra, to ensure the good fit and durability of your burkini.

The benefits of elastane are numerous and diverse:

  • It doesn't crease.
  • It offers a soft and silky touch, ensuring a pleasant fit.
  • It resists water, salt, chlorine, bacteria and mold.
  • It withstands heat and UV radiation without deforming.

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