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Moroccan Caftan Alysha

Moroccan Caftan Alysha

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Let yourself be seduced by the colorful elegance of the Alysha beach kaftan . Inspired by the style of Moroccan caftans , this kaftan offers a comfortable and lightweight fit, adding a feminine touch to your moments of relaxation by the water.

Versatile and stylish, this kaftan can be worn in multiple ways. Slip it over your burkini for a casual look, or combine it with accessories for a more sophisticated look during your walks by the sea or during your long moments of sunbathing.

Add style to your summer wardrobe with our collection of beach kaftans and beach dresses . Express your unique style while maintaining a feminine, elegant but modest look.

The advantages of the Alysha Moroccan caftan :

 Fluid and light cut for your moments of relaxation and rest

 Versatile, to wear with a burkini or as a beach outfit.

Embroidered pattern for a refined feminine look.

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Information regarding sizes

Unique size. Shoulder: 58cm, bust: 120cm, length: 31cm.

Characteristics and composition

  • 100% natural artificial cotton and silk (wood cellulose) also called "rayon"
  • Soft, comfortable, breathable

Use and maintenance

Hand wash or machine wash at 30°C moderate program. Do not use fabric softener or dryer.


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Moroccan Caftan Alysha: discreet elegance and modern design

The Alysha Moroccan Caftan stands out for its subtle and refined approach to traditional fashion. Perfect for events where refinement is essential, this white kaftan is enhanced by black embroidery, creating a striking contrast that catches the eye without overdoing it. The simplicity of the embroidered floral and geometric designs brings a touch of timeless elegance, ideal for ceremonies, formal evenings or important meetings

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Comfort and quality in every detail

Each Alysha Moroccan Caftan is designed with comfort and durability in mind. The high-quality fabrics ensure a flawless fit from morning to night, while the flowing cut promotes complete freedom of movement. The black embroidery is carefully applied to ensure not only visual beauty but also resistance to wear and tear, making it a practical choice for repeat occasions.

Versatility and adaptability for every occasion

The Alysha Moroccan Caftan is designed to suit a variety of social settings, from formal events to more casual occasions. Its elegant design can be complemented with bold accessories for an evening look, or worn simply for family gatherings. No matter the setting, this caftan guarantees a noticeable presence with elegant confidence

The burkini for everyone!

Our brand is committed to offering quality burkinis for all sizes, celebrating body diversity. We understand the importance of respecting different cultures and beliefs and diversity of appearances, which is why all our burkinis are available in large sizes for all women: Muslim or not. Having self-confidence and feeling comfortable is a universal right. Join us in this commitment!

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